Doing Is Much More than Wanting
Things went right when ideas turn into products and products into brands.
Only if you do it, you can prove if your idea is good. Conviction and enthusiasm are the basis of successful projects.

If you add ambition and market experience, you succeed. As a young company we have the flexibility that often got lost in large companies.
Up to date. Young. Involved.
We unite experiences of many years in beverage industry and the energy of a young company.
2012 Foundation CTP Germany GmbH
2013 Introduction Power-G classic 0.25 l deposit-free
2013 Introduction Power-G Fresh Berry 0.25 l deposit-free
2014 Introduction Funky-T Hemp Drink 0.33 l can
2014 Takeover Sales ARIZONA in Convenience Market
2016 Introduction Funky-T Guarana Drink 0.33 l can
2016 Introduction Power-G as deposit can 0.25 l and 1.0 l
... and we keep on developing trendy products, perfectly in taste!

Lively Brands. Perfect Fans. Optimal Distribution!

Our success is based on contacts to a large number of Sales Networks:



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