Funky-T Hemp

Legal chilling

Funky-T as a trend to counter trend. In times of “higher, faster, further“ Funky-T was created for chilling and relaxing. Stress and pressure are yesterday’s, Funky-T is made for people who enjoy the moment and don't take things too seriously. Feel the HEMP. Enjoy the sparkling, tea flavoured drink, with a touch of HEMP and a light taste of smoke. Relax and enjoy.

Classic 0.33 l can with amazing funky design.

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Funky-T Guarana

Relaxed power

Funky-T Guarana does NOT give wings. Guarana is a natural energizer for all who need energy in between. And is there anyone who doesn’t need a sweet and fruity energy boost during the day?

Classic 0.33 l can with amazing funky design.

Funky-T Mate

Mythical effect, freshly canned

The magic potion with smoky unmistakable note of maté. It does not only awaken your mind but also gives your body additional power … So things can easily take more time.

Classic 0.33 l can with amazing funky design.

Power-G Energy Drink

Full Energy without disguise

Power-G Energy Drink, 100 % energy at a fair price. The classical energy taste with new sport design. Energy for all!

X-TRA large 1.0 l can

0.25 l can

The dose of energy in the 0.25 l can

Power-G Energy Drink – deposit-free

Full Energy without disguise

Clear and uncluttered design on a classic 0.25 l slim can. Energy as it has to be. Classic taste, simple message, invigorating for body and mind. Full power whenever you need it. From dusk till dawn, you are with it. Whenever, wherever, however you like.





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